Part 4: Big Changes Afoot: The here and now

So here I am, back up to date with the blog and with some big changes afoot. My little family unit is in the process of a house move to be nearer my work. (Sigh of relief.) I can finally see an end to the weekly packing and unpacking of bags as the Little One and I replace (abandon) Mr Little One with Nana and Grampa. It’s come at the right time too because the Little One is starting to wonder where Dada is for half of the week and is definitely starting to miss his presence. Recently we tried to do a chat via Facetime but this ended in a meltdown once the phone was hung up….we will be waiting a while before we try that one again!  But then again, soon enough, we won’t have to try it again as we will be living together 24/7 again! I can hear Mr Little One’s jumps of joy from here…..or is that more of a stomp of discontent?….naaaaah, surely not!

The downside of my job is that work really slows down in the winter for a few months but the upside of this is that I should have more me-time, especially with the two mornings a week that the Little One is at nursery. She’s been at nursery for about four months now and seems to be settling in okay. She’s not the most sociable creature but loves the ladies that work there. She even fell asleep on one of them yesterday which I’m completely baffled by. I’m convinced that she’s got a cold coming on or something as she’s still yet to fall asleep without the aid of pram, car or boob (sigh!) with Mr Little One and myself but no sign of anything today. Hmmmmpf….I’m still getting big tears, most mornings, as I hand her but I’m told that they stop as soon as I’m out of the room….kids really know what they’re doing don’t they?!

The biggest thing at the minute is….choo choooooo…..Thomas the Tank Engine. I have absolutely no idea where the obsession has come from, as none of us have actually pushed this on her. I know she’s always been a bit more into tractors, diggers and trains than she has cuddly animals etc. But this latest obsession has hit new levels. I even had to pop out to the local toy shop yesterday and buy a couple bits of small Thomas paraphernalia because I ignorantly thought that she would forget about her red, blue and green choo choo’s while we were at Nana and Grampa’s. More fool me! But secretly I’m actually quite pleased that my little girl is less than girly at this stage. It suits me and her Nana down to the ground, especially as Nana really wanted her two daughters to be into cars and trains when we were little and we were sadly a bit of a disappointment in that department.

Actually, the biggest thing in her world is Thomas and his Friends, but the biggest thing in my world as far as she is concerned (apart from crocodile tears and fake tantrums) are the cuddles and kisses. She can be so frustrating at times (aren’t all kids though?) but the amount of love that she has to give to her favourite big people is just overwhelming. At least she seems to love us all and that means we must be doing something right!

Oh and lastly, another big change…in around 25 weeks there will be an even littler one joining the family. Gulp!


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