Part three: Sunshine or hurricane? 

I’m back!! I’ve wanted to get back to writing for a while now but life – aka work and baby – has kept me running around, detached from any form of keyboard and social media for quite a while. In fact, I’ve felt pretty detached from the world but I’m determined to make a change!

Since I’ve been away the Little One has turned into a full blown toddler. 15 months to 20 months – WOW, what a crazy and confusing time in a human’s life! 12 – 13 months was a tough time for me but things started to calm down by 15 months as the Little One started piecing so many things together. Her mobility improved day on day and I could tell she was so happy to be able to get round on her own two feet and she seemed like she loved her beginnings of independence. Her understanding of big people around the 15 to 18 month mark really grew and she was starting to say “yeah” and “no” to our questions…not that we appreciated the “No” after “Shall we change your nappy?” or the “No” to “Shall we put your bib on and have some dinner?” but it was progress none the less. Around this time, as her understanding of us blossomed, the Little One started becoming more and more anxious around strangers and whenever I hugged anyone other than immediate family she absolutely lost the plot. It’s been a very difficult phase but she seems to slowly be getting better….ish…… It’s a weird one for us though because she was so open and friendly as a baby and would go to anyone but recoils from even some family members that she’s known practically since birth. I know, I know….it’s just another £$%£ing phase.

As we got closer to the 18 month mark, it felt like yet another backwards step, as the Little One got more clingy again with sudden outbursts of tears, for what seemed like no reason, and temper tantrums at anything and everything. Sleep took a turn for the worst again and my boob monster was back at her most monsterish. And just as we started thinking we had got used to this new Holly, we hit a major bump in the road with the tantrums, which happened to be when we were trying to enjoy a relaxing family holiday, just the three of us. I’d go so far to say that the Little One had mastered the art of extreme tantrumming which seemed to get worse the more we tried to intervene. Lesson learned, when extreme tantrumming commences, give the Little One some space. However, the tantrums happened to coincide with a huge leap in her language development and by the end of the holiday week we had the beginnings of a talking baby. Animal noises had been a thing for a while with “woof”, “hoot hoot”, “meow”, “roar”, “hiss”, “Ooo oo oo”, “hop” (rabbit) and others. But since the holiday, between 18 and 20 months, we’ve got a new repertoire which mainly involves colours – red (“ret”), blue (“boo”), green (“eeeen”), brown (“own”), grey (“rey”) and the most recent, yellow (“yeahyeah”). Mamma, Dadda and Nana are in there too along with a her first phrase, “ready, steady, goooo!”.

Work has had its ups and downs too. I lost a few customers over a couple of months, for one reason or another, but then all of a sudden seemed to gain more than I could manage. I’ve made it work though and it has actually suited me better. My new customers seem so grateful and happy that it makes going to work even more enjoyable. It’s also helped me get my love of my work back into full gear which is a nice feeling.

All in all the last 3 to 4 months have been a massive learning curve for all of us. There’s a quote I noticed, floating around on the internet recently that sums my Little One up perfectly right now -“She is sunshine, mixed with a little hurricane.”  (Source unknown.)


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