Part two: Stark contrast – the light, happy and best side (written 27th June 2017)

In stark contrast to my previous post I’m all about the positive right now. The Little One is changing so quickly and it’s so overwhelming at times (in a super-duper-awesome-fantastic way)  to watch her piecing the world together bit by bit. Her understanding of us adults surprises me every day and I seriously need to start thinking about minding my p’s and q’s! I just know she’s going to be that child who repeats things she’s heard her mum saying about so-and-so at school and getting me into all sorts of trouble…..not that I’m a gossip or anything…..

So the latest BIG news in the world of the Little One is that she’s now on the road to being a proper walking human being.  We had a couple of tentative steps at the weekend but nothing seemed to come of them despite Mr Little One and I trying to find games to get her walking independently about every two seconds of the day. We gave up relatively quickly though and realised that, like most things in life, the Little One would probably only start walking for us when she had mastered it whole heartedly. I’m convinced that she only practises things when we aren’t looking. So Mr Little One, Nana and I were sitting having coffee one afternoon when all of a sudden the Little One just gets up in the middle of the room and starts toddling off. She completely took us all by surprise and, to cut a long story short, persisted for about an hour before tiring herself out completely. We were probably more excited than she was but at that moment she was the most determined little person I have ever seen. I do think that it’s going to take her a little while to realise that walking is more convenient than her speed crawling which is definitely her preferred method of getting around on her own. She does do a tiny bit every day though and shows us how proud she is of her achievement by applauding herself and pointing at herself as if saying “look at me, look at what I can do!”

She’s starting to enjoy a bit of role play with her little toys now too. It’s adorable when we catch the Little One babbling/squeaking in the corner with a book and one of her favourite cuddly animals, pointing to things in the book like we do with her. She loves to have tea parties with Mr Little One and the toys too. She attempts to pour the tea pot into the cup and “stirs” in the milk and coffee. At times she’s such a “little girl” but on the flipside she does enjoy pushing her toy car round the living room “brmmmmmmm”-ing as she goes.

Nursery is the also a big change for the Little One. This is definitely something she is not very sure of but having spent just over 15 months being cared for by only four people –Nana, Grampa, Mr Little One and I – I can’t say I’m surprised to see her little face crumble as I leave her with strangers. It’s completely and utterly heartbreaking and although Nana did offer to take the Little One to nursery and pick her up, I feel like this is a rite of passage and a huge part of her growing up so I’m rolling with the punches. I’m not the first parent to feel guilty about this but I know in time she will start to enjoy herself and I’m actually quite excited about this time in her life. She’s hopefully in a place where she can make friends and become a confident person without clinging on to her mum and dad for safety. I will always, always be her safe place but for a few hours a week I’m trusting her nursery to keep her in check.


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