She defies and tantrums…but she also crawls and she dances.

The Little One has now been in the outside world longer than she was in my inside world. The human being that I started growing last year is living, breathing, beautifully thriving and yet still a sodding sleep thief! More to the point, the little person that was not so long ago still very helpless is now coming on leaps and bounds. She is finally crawling, which I never believed she would do, and fast becoming the best kind of home entertainment. (The telly is becoming dusty!) Dancing is also a new addition to her repertoire. Well….I say dancing…what she is really doing is bopping up and down in her high chair or while she sits on the floor. This movement can happen when anything is playing – anything from Mozart’s piano concerto to Pat Metheny to Mumford and Sons. She was even bopping to an old toy of mine that plays Teddy Bears’ Picnic…I can’t wait to see what she does when she’s dancing on her own two feet!


Her personality is starting to come out more now too which has been interesting. She’s a right chatterbox and giggler but also extremely defiant!! We are having to deploy “NO!” (i.e. don’t touch that, don’t do that….) a lot more and the looks she can give you after that particular word are just priceless – literally, if looks could kill! If you’re lucky, instead of the death stare, you get a tantrum which I am finding almost impossible not to laugh out loud at every time. I honestly thought I would be the bad cop but at the minute it’s just too funny when she misbehaves. Maybe I’m seeing a lot of myself in her (defiant and stroppy….) or maybe it’s just nice to see a bit of fire in her belly. In all honesty, she really is a lovely natured baby but now she’s just got a bit more edge. I’ll need to work on my poker face in the coming weeks though as I can’t have her thinking that her mum’s a pushover!!

Another recent development, which comes out only every so often, is the fact that she cries out if I don’t acknowledge her and/or pick her up as soon as I’ve walked in the door from work or even if I’ve been out of the room for longer than 15 minutes at a time. After 10.5 months of mothering the Little One, I feel like this kind of reaction is well overdue because  sometimes, I swear, it can feel as if I’m not even in the room. She really does choose favourites though, whether we are up at Nana and Grumpa’s or at home with Mr Little One. There are days when one person has top dog status and the next they’ve been demoted to almost invisibility. Nowt as queer as babies!

Mealtimes are also more interesting nowadays however she does chop and change here too. Some days she’s a bottomless pit and other days she’ll revert back to being a pure boob monster again. We’ve pretty much resorted to a mixture of baby led and spoon feeding. The Little One has led the way here as per usual and on some days won’t entertain the idea of a spoon (unless she can chew the back of it) and on other days she’ll just point at the spoon every time she wants a mouthful. One constant at mealtimes is her love of water. She’s got a cup that has been on the table since the day she started eating and she guzzles back the water like there’s no tomorrow. She loves her cup and some days won’t eat unless she’s had a sip first. I’m hoping she grows out of this habit before she’s old enough to drink wine….could be expensive….

It is six weeks until the Little One turns into a not so little one year old. I now completely understand what my parents and their friends used to say that time starts to fly a heck of a lot more when you have a child in your life. A part of me will be doing an invisible high five with myself for having managed to get her to this milestone unscathed but another part of me will be trying to hold onto the baby in her for as long as possible. I’ve already had to call it a day with “Mum and Baby Yoga” as my baby is the oldest by at least a month or two. She’s the only one on the move which means she’s the only one going around pestering the other babies with her claws!! I’ve got 3 sessions left and then I’m going to have to wait until she’s a toddler before we can start back up with our yoga session together again. I’m going to miss my Thursday mornings as it’s been a constant in our life since she was little baby and they’ve been some of my favourite mornings of the week. I’m definitely going to keep up with my yoga though and will even try to include the Little One in my home sessions for the next few months. As a New Years present to myself, I went to a 3 hour chakra yoga workshop run by my lovely mummy and baby yoga teacher. It was just the biggest treat I’ve had in a while and has kick-started my year in the most amazing fashion. It’s the longest I have been away from the Little One and I cannot lie, it was bloody amazing! The feeling of pure relaxation didn’t last long once I was back in the company of the Little One but it was nice while it lasted and I WILL do it again soon! I’m trying to do yoga or meditation almost every day and so far I have not had many days where I haven’t been able to sneak in at least 15 minutes amongst the rest of life’s chaos. I think it’s the best type of therapy for any worn out mum and you don’t even have to leave the house (or your pyjamas) to enlist in a bit of yoga or meditation. Just sitting quietly and breathing for a few minutes (lock the bathroom door if need be!) can work wonders on even the most dark and stressful days as a parent. Even the hubby is working on his bendiness and zen-ness by doing a bit of his own yoga every day – his zen-like status has never needed much work but as the Little One is getting faster, heavier and more ninja-like I think he feels like he needs a bit of yoga in his life too! I may need to do some deep breathing of my own now while I go and see to the Little One who has woken up prematurely….only an hours sleep so far tonight. And breathe……Namaste.


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