Head like a Lego man – he says!!


8 months today?! How, what, when, where, why?! This year is zooming by…or more to the point, my Little One’s first year is zooming by! She’s getting longer and longer by the day (still no sign of the round Michelin baby that the hubby and I thought we’d have!) and she’s finally managed to become more than just a one trick pony in the rolling department.

For quite a while now, the recommended tummy time (aka encourage to crawl time) has been absolutely none existent. Up until Sunday, literally any time she was out on her tummy, the Little One would roll straight onto her back before you could blink. But mid conversation with Nana and Grumpa, I blinked and missed it! My Little One had finally decided she would be on her way and without me….

Three weeks later…

I’ve started many a post in the last few weeks but much like everything else in my life I have left them unfinished…for now…the problem is that I promised myself, and by default the Little One, that I would try to document the first year or so of her life as something for her to look back on. So it’s time for me to fill in the gaps.


It seems slightly ironic to me that while all the plants in my gardens are wilting and dying off, that my little flower is continuing to thrive and grow. Since her first full roly poly a few weeks ago there hasn’t been any crawling action yet but she’s definitely enjoying attempting to move around more. She’s learned to launch herself off the sofa and bed and has so far had a soft landing or been caught. We are just waiting for that moment when no one is there and we hear the thud…..waaaaaaaa….from a distance. It’s like a rite of passage for both parent and baby right? The rolling is coming on well too, and while Nana and I enjoy our coffee in their sitting room the Little One investigates her surroundings. She particularly has an eye for a fragile bowl of ornamental balls placed conveniently at baby floor grabbing height. I can already here the “no, no, no, that’s not yours to play with” coming on.

There are also glimpses of her being able to pull herself up. She has been toying at it in the cot and actually now finds it quite hilarious to do it while I’m trying to make the bed. It used to be a safe place to put her for a few minutes…now, not so much. She’s only managed it twice unaided but it won’t be long…but I did say that same thing when she managed her first half roll and it only took another 3 months for the next 180 degrees to occur.

Waving is also on her list of 8 to 9 month achievements. If you wave hello at her now, she responds with a wave herself. Well, when I say a wave, it kind of looks more like a lame bird with one wing flapping but it’s definitely her wave and it’s fast becoming her favourite party trick.

We finally have a little tooth coming through now too. It came as a bit of a surprise actually. Hearing so many stories of teething symptoms I was expecting weeks of devastation (ok, maybe a little bit over board) and despite my mum saying that neither my sister or I suffered at all I still expected some sort of warning sign. But she’s been as good as gold and the only reason I noticed was because a different sensation while I was feeding her. Boo – I certainly wasn’t looking forward to this part of feeding her and was secretly hoping for no tooth growth until at least 12 months….cruel I suppose but it’s also due to the fact that I love nothing better than coming back from a mornings work and receiving a giant gummy smile to welcome me back.

That’s pretty much it for the last month’s development. My only one major complaint is that the 4 month and 8/9 month sleep regression seem to have neatly rolled into one. It’s still nowhere near half as bad as it could be but I wouldn’t mind some solid hours of sleep in MY bed, ON MY OWN! She’s certainly presenting a case for only child status; either that or we need to buy a bigger bed.

As a closing note, just wondering if anyone else’s husband ever compared their child’s head to a little yellow Lego head? Mr Little One uttered this thought out loud the other day and I’ve been chuckling about it ever since.



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