Wardrobe malfunctions, “lie-ins” and impatient Postman Pat

I’ve had a busy few weeks, some of which has been spent with just the Little One and I. The hubby had to be away from home for two weeks and I now have an EVEN BIGGER respect for single parents who are managing to juggle life and their child(ren) while keeping their shit together. I had moments after only managing 2 hours sleep where I was tempted by my parents offer to return to their safe and welcome clutches but as soon as I got going and out in the fresh air the cobwebs were blown away. However, I did manage to get stuck in a few different awkward or compromising situations.

  1. Right now, I am lying in a very awkward and uncomfortable position and moving isn’t an option! The Little One has been asleep for 25 minutes now…after an earlier stint of 90mins and I don’t fancy working my magic again just yet. What’s the problem you ask? Well she appears to have a very tight hold of the tie on my pyjama top and every attempt I have made to release her tight little grip has had her almost waking up. This is my very real idea of a wardrobe malfunction these days! Must try harder on the pyjama front…maybe a cat suit for tomorrow night. No zips, no ties, no ribbons, oh and no labels.
  1. Attempting to get to work on time and baby who woke at 6am (at least 90 minutes earlier than normal) and seems a bit under the weather decides it’s a good moment to fall asleep on me. Now at least 10 minutes late, no sign of her waking up anytime soon and I’m not even out of PJ’s yet. Kind of not very sorry about this though, it’s not often I get sleepy snuggles with the little lady these days. Far too much going on in the world for that!!
  1. Don’t even get me started on why I thought it was a good idea to walk the Little One home from town (approx 4 miles) instead of using public transport like I’d originally intended. It all started out well and I optimistically hoped she may have her second and last nap of the day on route but one million and one men and a dog mowing meadows later and about a mile and a half from home there I was soaked from a recent rain shower and navigating dodgy curbs with the pram while carrying a distraught baby. Well not so distraught any longer – babbling and cooing away to passersby as if the last 1 hour hadn’t happened. Little shit!
The Little One making friends on one of our outings as a twosome. 
  1. I was excitedly waiting for a parcel to arrive via Royal Mail….so the postman decides to arrive as I’m feeding an overly fussy baby. I watched my parcel being carted back off to the Royal Mail office as I’m unable to unlatch the Little One and realign my attire in the time it takes Postman Pat to lose patience. Guess I’ll have to wait that little bit longer for my new gardening gloves.

It’s nice to have the hubby home again obviously for more reasons than to open doors to the postman, although that is a useful quirk to having a husband who works from home.


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