What a difference a week makes…

Oh the stark contrast from last week to this week. Tiredness has hit me like a ton of bricks and I am literally struggling to keep my eyes open and my limbs moving. I don’t know if it’s the relentless heat, the being woken up every 40 – 60 minutes at night, the manual job or a combination of all three but I’m pooped! As much as I love work, I’ve been struggling to feel motivated this week and wielding my secateurs and fork has given me less pleasure than usual. Not normal and not a good sign!

The Little One continues to be chipper (most of the time) but when she whinges I’m not afraid to admit that I’m losing my patience….on the inside. There’s this particular whinging noise that really makes my toes curl and my blood boil and I’m pretty sure she sometimes just waits for me to walk in the room or for me to look at her before making said noise.

I’m still feeding her myself which feels like the right thing for us to continue to do for the time being and it is very convenient for being out and about as much as we are. However, the nighttimes are pretty awful at the minute. I’ve been told that breast is the solution (not the problem) to whatever it is that wakes her but I’m yet to figure out what the root of the problem is. Luckily she returns to sleep relatively quickly after a bit of boob time but I’m left wondering whether she is hot, cold, hungry, thirsty, lonely, uncomfortable, or has she had a bad dream?  I’ve played around with clothing layers, left sleeping bag off and put sleeping bag back on and I’m still unable to determine whether it’s the temperature outside that may be causing her to wake so often.

Whatever the case, it’s becoming clear that I need to find time to have a block of solid sleep at some point in the 24 hour day because I think I may start to become a danger to myself. I mean, seriously, who manages to sting themselves in the face twice with the same nettle?!


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