“It’s impossible to be annoyed when she’s so happy!”

I’ve been AWOL recently and this time it’s not the Little One to blame…well mostly not her fault. The last couple of weeks have been all about the Aunties. The hubby’s little sis has been with us for a few weeks which has been amazing. And my sis got married at the beginning of the week with the big knees-up at the weekend so there’s been a lot going on around the family bubble.

My working week has been mixed up a bit too because of all the chaos so Daddy day care and Nana day care swapped their days around for me. This made a refreshing change and the hubby got to see one of my favourite garden projects of the week. While I was busy tackling my garden nemesis, the invasive ground elder, the Little One introduced her Daddy to the hens. It was really lovely having them both there and I even managed to rope the hubby in to take over some of the work while I fed my hungry little human-caterpillar. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have her around while I work. Some days are easier than others but this week it gave me that nice warm glow!

The wonder of this week has been the remarkable change in the Little One’s temperament. She literally appears to have had a weight lifted from her shoulders. I’ve obviously never spent as much time with any other baby but I seriously don’t think there has been a happier baby. She is constantly babbling away, creating new sounds, giggles away like there’s no tomorrow and she loves spending time with anyone that will come her way. Her eyes are wide and she seems to be drinking absolutely everything in with wonder and joy.

I just wish she would be capable of sleeping a little bit more independently. I strangely long for those early days when she would be glued to me until midnight but I’d then be left to sleep at least 3 or 4 hour stretches at a time. These days I am sometimes woken by her, only to find that I’ve only been asleep for 10 minutes. It’s nights like those that I wonder if I’m losing the plot but as the clock strikes 7am and I’m woken by a happy babbling baby, all the night time woes seem to wash away and I can’t seem to stay mad at her. In fact, it was just last night (ugh, 5am to be precise) that I said to the hubby, “it’s just impossible to be annoyed when she’s so happy.”


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