Progress….oh wait, maybe not.

Huge achievement!! I managed to get the Little One asleep and down in her cot before 10pm and I left the bedroom while it was still light outside. How did I celebrate? Glass of wine I hear you cry; or how about snuggles with the hubby in front of the telly; or maybe I should haves tried catch up on some much needed sleep. Sleep while she sleeps right? Ha! Wrong! I celebrated by hitting the ironing pile. Yes, I really know how to treat myself!

I was actually quite pleased to get it out of the way while the Little One was asleep because we all know she doesn’t go down for naps in the day, which makes getting anything done housework wise very tricky. In the early days I tried ironing while she had a wriggle on the floor next to me and it worked okay-ish but these days she gets bored quite quickly so I’d probably only manage ironing one garment before I had to tend to my little moaning Minnie.

The bedtime routine….okay, who am I kidding….the bedtime boob-to-sleep “routine” seemed to happen a lot earlier and a lot quicker than normal although she did wake up 30 minutes after her initial sleep and require her boob for a little while longer but I still made it out of the room a good hour and a half earlier than normal. And normal means I go next door to the bathroom clean my teeth before returning to bed to pass out…

However, at 5am in the morning I was kicking myself for wasting what appeared to have been valuable sleep time. Now my usual 9pm to 9am baby had disappeared and in her place was a smiling, awake baby who was sitting on my tummy and emitting the most gentle of coo’s. She’s bloody adorable when she does this but not at 5am! This happens ever so occasionally and when it does it is an almighty shock to the system!

Thankfully I didn’t have to be up at silly o’clock for work the next day because I felt pretty awful, like I’d been out on the lash the night before and woken with the kind of hangover that not even a fry up would cure. The hubby didn’t come out of this unscathed either, he relieved me of my awake baby at 6am and spent the rest of the day wading through thick fog too.

It’s at times like these, when we are at our lowest ebb and going stark raving mad from lack of sleep, that I feel so much sympathy towards parents with babies who don’t do much night sleeping, or for the ones who have early risers. And it’s especially at times like these when I have nothing but utter admiration for single parents who deal with things like this on their own. I know I certainly wouldn’t have got through today without the hubby standing next to me at the supermarket with as big bags under his eyes as I had under mine. We muddled through it all together today and even found time for a laugh. Shout out to the hubby who spent 10 minutes trying to find the door keys. Where were they? Exactly where they always are – in the box that says ‘keys’. Zzzzzz…..


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  1. Al says:

    Loving your parenting updates!!


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