Junk Mail

I don’t know if I’m alone here but, since becoming a mum my e-mail inbox seems to be flooded with tens of e-mails each day telling me how many days, weeks or months old the Little One is. Do you think they think that mums (and dads of course!) need reminding of this important fact, that we aren’t aware of our child’s age as we count down the days of a growth spurt or sleep regression or that immunisations aren’t there looming over our heads as weeks tick by.

These emails like to tell you what’s developing in your child now and what to “look forward” to. (Teething being something we are “looking forward” to). And then there’s the helpful hints and tips on what to do with your X week old child. Apparently the Little One will start recognising her name soon….ummmm, which one? Not sure if we ever call her the same name twice in a row. It varies from something pleasant like petal to the odd (under the breath) cheeky tinker (to put it more politely). Occasionally we like to call her by her actual name but where’s the fun in that? She’ll be in some sort of formal establishment before you know it where she’ll have to use the same name day in and day out. So, for now, variety is the spice of life…even if it means it takes her a little longer to respond to her real name.

What bothers me the most about these e-mails is the fact that half of their “useful” information about my child seem to be angled at buying some gadget from their shop or from a sponsors website. So what I’m left wondering is, are the snippets of information or facts actually accurate and how on earth did previous generations survive without these precious emails and all the gizmos and gadgets that we apparently are going to require in the coming days/weeks/months/years. My latest one was all about weaning, with offers on high chairs….the Little One has only just hit 16 weeks for pity’s sake. Talk about wishing my next 8 weeks away for me!


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